We are focused on companies which operate in dynamic and high-growth industries, with executive teams that must constantly grapple with ever-changing micro and macro dynamics. This is where our advice adds crucial value, and our experience and contacts come to the fore. In the U.S., our expertise spans sectors, including: media, technology, hospitality, natural resources, mining and pharmaceuticals.

We add value through investor diversification, a tailored earnings process, and global benchmarking studies to ensure your company stands out from the competition. We can expertly guide you through the IPO process, and remain your partner through life as a public company. Our global experience means we can connect you to investors in Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific to ensure a blue-chip shareholder profile.

On the corporate communications front, we expertly steer clients through crisis communication events, create detailed PR programs, and provide media and presentation training for executive management teams. InspIR Group is your partner in the U.S. – and for the global stage.