An investor day is the flagship event to effectively elevate your investor brand. It is a unique opportunity to engage current and potential investors and communicate your strategic vision, initiatives, progress and financials, while showcasing management talent. An investor day may take place in a leading financial center or at your office combining facilities tours and site visits and provides investors and the sell-side an opportunity to accomplish significant due diligence in a single day or two.

Investor days are significant undertakings that require the coordination of many parties including senior management, attendees and multiple internal and external resources.

Every investor day event is uniquely designed to communicate your desired message. We will help you create that message and deliver it based on a survey we do in advance to help define the topics of most interest, a review of peer considerations and a deep dive into your company’s key messaging opportunities. InspIR’s Investor Day approach includes:

  • Delivering a highly qualified audience: Market intelligence and proprietary resources
  • Theme and presentation development: Pre-event survey and benchmark of global industry peers to deliver your investment thesis that is also responsive to market needs
  • Management training expertise: Dry-runs and Q&A for presenting team members
  • Top-notch execution: From venue-picking to registration day, our in-house event experts take care of all logistical details
  • Financial media outreach: As a financial communications firm, we can complement your day with New York media interviews
  • Senior marketing approach that maximizes turnout: We help engage investors in your story