You are about to enter a whole new world.  We start by training you for the marathon of the IPO experience up to a year in advance. We help you tell your story, create the infrastructure of being a publicly traded company and work with your banks to execute a flawless IPO.  Our allegiance is to you and our objective is the long-term sustainability of your public company.

Our goal is to make you feel vastly over-prepared.  We train you to speak like a leader, prepare you for what to expect and show you how to make the most of the entire event.

  • IPO Readiness: U.S. and Brazilian filings preparation
  • Presentation development for initiating analysts
  • Net roadshow video script development and production
  • Filing cover art
  • Roadshow presentation and script review
  • Guidance benchmarking
  • Presentation training
  • Public company management workshops
  • IR website management
  • Earnings release, presentation and script template development
  • IPO listing day logistics and appreciation events
  • IPO day media relations