InspIR Group is a new brand, originating from the former MBS Value Partners, a global investor relations and communications firm. We are the emerging markets, Latin American and growth specialists of MBS, and comprise a team of IR practitioners, investment bankers, operating executives, communications advisors, financial journalists and analysts.

President of InspIR Group Monique Skruzny, formerly a founding partner of MBS, decided to establish the company to better focus on the unique needs of companies operating in emerging and growth markets. “We are experts at serving companies in growth economies that aim to expand their reach into global capital markets, and boost their investor and media awareness throughout the U.S.” Skruzny said. “Our team has a depth of experience and contacts across financial markets, which means we understand the investment and communications landscape intimately, enabling us to offer unique value to management teams.”

Our team in Brazil is led by partner Fabiane Goldstein, who has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets and is an expert on Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, ESG, and the power of social media in capital markets communication. “The combination of our presence and understanding of local markets, coupled with the deep knowledge and experience in U.S. make us the advisor of choice for Latin American companies that really want to raise the bar in investor relations”, Goldstein said.

With a fast-growing business, and a passion for helping companies in dynamic markets, InspIR Group is uniquely positioned to take your company to the next level of growth.