Investor Days in a Post-Covid New York

What has changed and what to anticipate when planning a capital markets event in New York

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has ended in the U.S., it has both temporarily and permanently impacted the way companies interact with investors and analysts, including Investor Days. Here is a brief list of what you need to carefully consider when planning an Investor Day in today’s post-Covid New York.

  1. Reserve your venue well in advance

Many group events were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. This has resulted in a massive backlog of events, meaning virtually every venue in NYC has been reserved  through the end of the year and many venues are also reserved into 2023. Many of those that are available are not properly equipped or have the necessary expertise to handle an investor event, the nuances of which should not be underestimated.

  1. Consider the convenience of the venue and “Save the Date” three months in advance

A permanent change stemming from the pandemic is the work-from-home and hybrid model that companies, including banks and investment firms, have adopted. Today, most investors and analysts spend at least two or three days working at home, many of whom live outside NYC. When traveling to the city by train, the preferred means of transportation for commuting, they arrive in Grand Central Station or Penn Station, both of which are located in mid-town. Therefore, investors and analysts are generally reluctant to travel to and from events that are not convenient to these transportation hubs. It’s another reason that Investor Days need to be scheduled even further in advance, as it allows invitees to schedule their day in the city around your event. Accordingly, send invitations at least three months in advance, to be sure your Investor Day gets into as many calendars as possible.

  1. Hybrid Investor Days deliver advantages

Ideally, investors and analysts attend your event in person, as there are more opportunities to interact with them and more closely as well. Nevertheless, consider a hybrid Investor Day to accommodate those who won’t be in NYC and open  when it’s held (see the second point above). There is the additional advantage of making the video of the event available as a recording that can be replayed in the future. This extends the life of Investor Days, which require a significant investment, in terms of money and management’s time.

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