Corporate Access is a service that banks offer investors, their clients. Companies like yours are our clients. We offer you Investor Access.

Our Investor Access practice is led by advisors who have extensive experience designing and executing investor marketing strategies at leading investment banks. We leverage this experience as well as InspIR’s longstanding relationships in the global capital markets to help companies like yours reach and attract investors who will support your market valuation and funding goals over the long term.


Because InspIR is not a broker-dealer, we are able to introduce your company to investors who are the right fit, not because they are a client. Our independence also means we can target a far larger universe of investors in each equity market.

Investor Targeting

We take a rigorous and disciplined approach to targeting investors when designing an investor marketing strategy for your IR program. We overlay this analysis with our extensive, proprietary database of institutional investors that invest in emerging markets and emerging growth companies.

Market Intelligence

We address buy- and sell-side focus points and use our regional and local market expertise to develop an effective outreach strategy.

Investor Outreach

In addition to contacting investors within our network of relationships, we make every effort to reach and secure the interest of other potential investors identified through our targeting analysis.

Travel Logistics and Event Management

Whether we are organizing a one-week non-deal roadshow, an Investor Day, or a site visit, we pay careful attention to every logistical detail and execute flawlessly. We employ state-of-the-art technology as part of this process, provide detailed briefing books, and offer conference facilities in almost every equity market.

Investor Feedback

For each meeting or event, we provide actionable market intelligence by gathering post-meeting feedback from investors, valuable information that can be used to improve future discussions with investors.