Corporate access is a service that banks offer to investors, their clients. Companies like yours are our clients—therefore, we offer you investor access.

InspIR Group leverages our longstanding relationships in the global capital markets, our access to specialized databases, and our professional partnerships to help companies like yours with investor targeting. Our goal with investor access is to help you bring investors to events and meetings who will support your market valuation and funding goals over the long term


Because InspIR is not a broker-dealer, you can trust that the investor access we offer will introduce you to the right investors, not simply clients.

Market Intelligence

We address buy- and sell-side focus points and use our regional and local market expertise to develop effective outreach strategies.

Investor Outreach

In addition to investor targeting within our network of relationships, we make every effort to reach and secure the interest of other potential investors identified through in-depth analysis.

Investor Feedback

For each meeting or event, we provide actionable market intelligence by gathering post-meeting feedback from investors, valuable information that can be used to improve future discussions with investors.

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