Access Replay of InspIR Insights Webinar “Integrating Investor Relations and ESG to Maximize Value”

On May 27, 2020 InspiR Group hosted a webinar, Integrating Investor Relations and ESG to Maximize Value. It was the first of our series of InspIR Insight webinars aimed at delivering highly informative, thought-provoking programming to challenge and stimulate discussion.  The well-attended program with participants from the U.S., Europe, Japan and throughout Latin America offered deep and practical insights into developing an integrated ESG and Investor relations program, garnering buy-in from the Board and senior management, navigating the ratings agencies and attracting ESG-oriented capital.

The discussion featured Edward Vallejo, Vice President of Investor Relations and architect of the American Water ESG program; S&P’s highest ESG rated company in the U.S. and second highest globally;  Chad Spitler, CEO of Third Economy, which provides sustainable investment research and advisory services for investors and corporations, and former COO for BlackRock’s Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment Team; and Fabiane Goldstein, a co-founder of InspIR Group and head of the firm’s ESG Integration practice.

Whether you are contemplating an ESG program or wanting to understand market-leading reporting practices for an existing one, the webinar, with an emphasis on real-world examples illustrates how to effectively integrate ESG and investor relations in support of your company’s market valuation and ability to access capital during today’s challenging times.