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To stand out, a company must express its unique value proposition. At InspIR, all programs are tailor-made.
We will challenge the status quo to leverage your true potential.  Each client benefits from our innovative and individualized thinking on how to truly differentiate.

We help you tell your story, create the infrastructure of being a publicly traded company, work with your banks to execute a flawless transaction and then help you celebrate for all the world to see on IPO day.

We’ll counsel your company on what to say, how to respond to valid concerns and the wisest way to take the market through your story.

We train individual leaders and teams to speak convincingly to investors on their IPO roadshows, non-deal road shows and similar events. We also conduct workshops on what to expect as a public company and how to handle a crisis.

We go beyond the scripted questions and engage in rigorous conversations. The in-depth intelligence we gather provides insight into financial community attitudes – essential to a successful communications program.

We are team players and routinely partner with client’s regional PR firms to develop a cohesive, coordinated strategy that supports your corporate and investor brand, on the day of your IPO and beyond.

From holistic communications and outreach, from Net Roadshow videos to filings, to overhauling your corporate presentation and ensuring compliance logistics, we are flawless in every step of the way.

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July 24, 2018

Does a Multi-Class Share Structure Impact Relative Valuation? It Depends.

Multi-class share structures have been substantially phased out of the US markets and have generally proved to be a net negative for valuation, particularly in bear markets. However, in cases…

July 19, 2018

The Impact of MiFID II Regulation on Brazilian Listed Companies

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July 12, 2018

What did you do differently on your most recent earnings conference call?

A thin line divides what we do based on well-established practices and the knowledge we’ve gained over time, and what we do as a force of habit; often without our…

June 28, 2018

O que você fez de diferente em sua última teleconferência de resultados?

Existe uma linha fina que divide aquilo que fazemos por respeito à tradição e ao conhecimento acumulado ao longo do tempo daquilo que fazemos de forma ritual, sem compreender as…